Negotiator's Report

The Story of Roger Smith

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My name is Roger Smith. I am a Negotiator in Paradigm City, the City of Amnesia. But that is only part of what I am. I am also the pilot of a large robot, a Megadeus known as Big O.

This journal contains adult material. That material will be restricted to people known to the mun to be adults.

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[For the grand_cntrl_stt community - Roger's bio: My name is Roger Smith. I'm the former Negotiator of Paradigm City, having recently been tossed out of what had been my home by the true "god" of my world. My only companion from my world is my cat, Abra, who was a present from a very close friend.

My Memories tell me I was a cop, a negotiator, an orphan. I'll never be sure what I ever was. But I've got a second chance. She couldn't kill me without absorbing me back into the system, so I was thrown away - everything she hadn't created tossed with me. So, I'm not completely penniless.

However, I have more than just things to help me. I was created to be a machine interface - a talent I'm still learning the limits of. I'm also a telepath, which may have been an off-shoot of my true talent, but one I use very rarely. I'm not fond of reading other people's thoughts. My friends deserve their privacy and other people are not worth my time.

I'm not completely human. I'm a computer constructed organic about 3 times stronger than the average human. I don't get sick. I can still be wounded and killed, but I heal fairly quickly.

In this New York, I found the woman I fell in love with before I returned to Paradigm City. Only a few weeks have passed for her since she saw me last, even though it has been nearly a year for me. I hope to win her heart, but, at the very least, I will help her as much as I can.]