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January licenseartistic prompt

Title / Prompt: Happy New Year birthday/Cheers
Character: Roger Smith
Warnings: A little cussing.
Pairings: None
Fandom: Big O
Word count: 371
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Many Japanese and American companies own him.
Author's Note: I have Roger's birthday listed as January 1st. As far as I know the show's never given him a date for it.

Every year, since he was 17, Roger has bought a bottle of expensive champagne to be drunk, usually alone, starting at 12:55 and ending with the empty bottle. There were a couple of years where he actually had a companion with him, but this is not one of them.

He sits in the fanciest restaurant in the Paradigm City dome. Every table has sparklers on it for people to wave around as the New Year comes - another year they can add to the calendar of the City of Amnesia. It's year 37 and Roger is turning 25. His career as a Military Policeman is officially over. He quit yesterday, wanting to start the new year completely fresh. He's left his apartment - all of his stuff is in a pathetically small storage place - and is living at a hotel he really can't afford in 2 more days. After that, he may crash at Dan's. If Dan will allow him, that is.

10 minutes before he starts drinking. The bottle sits on the table beside the glass, sweating just a little. He picked the door closest to the balcony, knowing it would be cooler here. He watches the sparkler sputter and die to be quickly replaced by the waitstaff.

25 years old. It's only important because it ends in a 5. He's already of age for sex with fellow adults. He can drink and smoke as long as he doesn't get too obnoxious in public. He pays his bills, though he has no real idea of how he's going to pay them after Wednesday. His money runs out. He could hit his foster parents up for money, but he's not completely sure they will give him any.

You could go back to the first way you earned cash, his mind sneers at him. No, he left that all behind. He won't go back to it, no matter how much money it could net him quickly. Besides, he's a little too old for the meat market. He'd have to hit up one of his former richer clients for the cash.

New year, no reason to even consider returning to the past. He watches the sparkler through the glass, notes the time and pours the champagne.

Happy fucking New Year. He drinks down the first glass. 5 minutes later it's Happy fucking birthday. Another year added to the calendar.



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